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The brand new TGIF in Liverpool One opened in June and includes many of my Picture This Photography images as part of the interior design. The photographs are within the decor of the booths, framed on the history wall, blown up on the over-sized window wall and even as tiles the bathrooms.

As I was recently in Liverpool it was a great opportunity for me to see it myself and share it with family and friends. The whole structure & decor is amazing: two spacious levels, with an open balcony to look down onto the entrance wall and lower floor. 

The photographs look fantastic ( if I do say so myself!), I was very happy with them and both proud and humbled to be included in such a great design. Big “Thank you” to all who made it possible, great job :) 

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Source- Picture This Photography NYC

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The Afghan Whigs' brand-new video for “Matamoros.”

get lost: nyc music map



Boston real estate developer and music obsessive, Constantine Valhouli, has put together this incredible map of New York City-centric songs and their locations. Scroll over those familiar little red dots, and you get the song title and a video/track link. Pretty neat, and exhaustively thorough.

For more info and to find out how you can suggest a few New York song spots, head here.


Fugazi — Waiting Room

How is that everything Ian MacKaye takes part in is so different from the previous stuff but equally good. From Teen Idles to Minor Threat to Pailhead to Embrace to Fugazi to The Evens. How.

Been listening to Fugazi recently, and this one, oh this one, is just too good.

I’ll also leave you with a video of the same song live, which makes me wish I was there singing along. I can’t wait for the day they come to Barcelona! Oh, oh wait, oh ok, they’re still on an indefinite hiatus… Oh. Okay.

Yeah, enjoy the Waiting Room! I’ll see you next week!!


(Source: soundboard)


The Afghan Whigs - “Turn on the Water”